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Instruction manual for pasting glass mosaic
Paste and maintenance:
1.Avoid using acid or alkaline adhesive when you laying up the mosaic.Especially for the new buildings outer wall,it is easy to cause leakage of alkaline which will lead to the color off and color change on the paint of mosaic;Use the neutural adhesive only,like neutural solidized silicon rubber adhesive.
2.If the mosaic is used for washing room,do not use the plywood as lining.
3.Do not use cement(black or white) to paste.
4.After cleaning up the foundation,use a professional tool to place a layer of adhesive with 2-3mm thickness.
5.Corrugate the adhesive surface with a special tool.
6.Pay attention to keep the same gap between slides as the mosaic in itself.
7.Press the surface of mosaic slightly to make it smooth and even.
8.After paste evenly,user can choose mould-proof gap-filling with different colors according to personal preference to match with the mosaic.
9.30 minutes later when the gap-filling appears semi-try,use sponge or towel with clean water to scrap the gap-filling with 1+2mm width.Then can have a better reflection effect to the glass mosaic.
10.Finally use dry towel to clean the mosaic.
11.Clean the glass mosaic with neutral detergent.Do not use detergent containing aqua ammonia.After cleaning must dry the mosaic.
Attention:our company recommend to paste and maintain the mosaic as above steps.Our company is not responsible for any loss if it is caused by customers incorrect construction or improper materials.The user should bear it.The mosaic should not be placed or using at a environment which is with strong sunshine or dampness.Such environment will affect the stability of the mosaic.

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