Mosaic backdrop buy points


Mosaic is mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Choose beige stone mosaic stone production, low white marble series hardness, easy to cut, while the blue, green and other varieties of marble and hardness due to higher metal elements, while rare, expensive price. The white marble, rosin yellow, hibiscus red, green, and other varieties of domestic flower material is not dense, brittle cutting, the greater the degree of wear and tear.
1 should pay attention when choosing between the particles are the same size, the same size, each edge is neat small particles, the chip is placed on level ground test whether the mosaic formation, whether single mosaic on the back too thick layer of latex. 
2 The first is the touch glazed, you can feel it slip degrees; then look thickness, thickness determines the density, on account of high density, low water absorption; finally see the texture of the inner enamel usually hit the middle of good quality mosaic.
3 This is to ensure durable mosaic elements, so also the water absorption test, the water drops to the back of the mosaic, good quality water droplets to the spill, the inferior quality down penetration.